Nairobi, Kenya, 16th April 2021. There will be no Prisons Kenya men’s Volleyball team at the 2021 African Club Championship that will serve of this Sunday in Tunis.

The Kenya power house made a last minute decision to withdraw the men’s team in preference of the ladies team that will also travel on Sunday for the Women’s Club Championship in Tunis.

“Our institution has always supported two teams always but this time we have the championships going on at the same time which is not the norm, and so it was agreed that only the ladies will be facilitated being the National champions ahead of the men’s team.” Said Coach David Lungaho

Prisons had set a podium finish as their target for this championship, but now they will have to wait longer for the opportunity.

“It was hard at first to accept the fact, the team had trained so well and believed in themselves, but they all agreed to fight another day, we will now embark on our normal training awaiting the resumption of our league.” Concluded Coach David Lungaho.

In the absence of Prisons Kenya, GSU and KPA will remain the flag bearers for Kenya in the 10 days event.

Participating teams

1              Al Swehly Club  SWH      LBA

2              Kenya Ports Authority   KPA        KEN

3              Port De Douala  PAD       CMR

4              Rwanda Energy Group   REG        RWA

5              Societe Omnisport De I’Armee  SOA       CIV

6              VC Espoir             ESP         COD

7              AS Police              APS        COD

8              Wolaitta Dicha Sport Club             WDS      ETH

9              Madda Walabu University            MWU    ETH

10           General Service Unit      GSU       KEN

11           Nigeria Customs Services             NCS        NGR

12           Arme Patriotique Rwandaise      APR        RWA

13           MTC       MTC       TAN

14           University of Zimbabwe                UZW      ZIM

15           Rukinzo Volleyball Club RKZ        BDI

16           Zamalek               ZMC       EGY

17           Nemo Stars        NMO     UGA

18           Esperance Sportive De Tunis       EST         TUN

19           Club Sportif Sfaxien        CSS         TUN

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