Cairo, 23rd October 2020. As the CAVB elections draw closer, all eyes will be set on the top most post, the presidency.

The 2020 Elective CAVB Congress will be held online through video conference for the first time due to Coronavirus Pandemic on October 24 and 25, 2020.

Incumbent, Dr. Amr M. ELWANI will contend to a challenge from a familiar friend, Mrs Bouchra Hajij who has been a Member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the African Volleyball Confederation.

Elwani 74, will be hoping to get the mandate to run CAVB for the 6th term, he has been president of CAVB since 2001 but has been in CAVB since 1998. Before that, in 1996 he was President of Zone V.

If elected, Elwani will be president of CAVB until 2024 to also extend his stay at the helm to 24-years.

This is helped by the fact that CAVB elections have no term limits.

Who is Dr. Amr M. ELWANI?

– Consultant Surgeon Endoscopic

– Consultant Vascular Surgeon

– Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons UK

– Executive Vice-President & Treasurer of International Volleyball Federation ( FIVB )

– CAVB Elected President, African Volleyball Confederation ( CAVB )

Profile adopted from CAVB Publications.

This Profile of Dr. ELWANI, is presenting facts and figures, but it is equally highlighting the major stops in his personal life and professional careers, as well as his thoughts, values and beliefs that are reflected in every milestones of his career as a Medical Doctor, a Sport Authority, a leader in Society, a Military Officer and most importantly as family caregiver.

He is recognized as one of the well-renowned leaders in the Egyptian society for his long service to his country.

Through years of knowledge and experience, his Medical degrees and expertise, placed him as one of the Egyptian Medical Pioneers and a Senior Consultant Surgeon in the Middle East. And through his career, he ensured to play an active role in the community and in the public medical service.

He was honored that he was able as a Major General Doctor and to offer his expertise and knowledge throughout his medical career to the service of his country.

Through long years of commitment and involvement in Volleyball, and with many friendships and strong work relationships with Volleyball Leaders across the World, he was able to play an essential role in the ports Movement in Egypt, and also a key developmental role on the Arab, African and International Volleyball levels.

Medical Career

1968 MB BCH degree of Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

1970 Diploma of General Surgeon, Faculty of Medicine Cairo University.

1973 MCH Surgery (Magister Chirurgiae)

1978 Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons United Kingdom.

1980 Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.

1982 -1996 Medical Superintendant – Ministry of Interior Affairs, in charge of all medical affairs of police force in Egypt

Military Ranked : Major General Doctor.

 1992-2015 CEO, Medical Centre for Advanced Endoscopic Surgery (Private Owner)

He is a Senior Consultant Surgeon, particularly in Vascular and Gastroenterology and one of the top Endoscopic surgeons in the Middle East (in Modern Technology of minimum invasive surgery).

Sports Medicine:

1982 MCH of Physical Medicine and Sports (Sports Injury Diploma)

1982-1996 President of Medical Commission and Member of Sports Event Department in Al-Ahly Sports club

1992 Main Founder of the Sports Medicine Association of Egypt.

2001 Founder of Anti-Doping Organisation of Egypt “NADO”.

Sports Career

As a Volleyball Player:

1962 – 1974:

 Key Player in Al Ahly club “Volleyball” and an Egyptian Volleyball National Team Player since the age of 16.

 Captain of Egypt’s Volleyball National Team for more than 9 years.

 Six times Awards: Awards as Africa’s Best Volleyball Player, during his career.

Career & Role in the Egyptian Volleyball & Sports:

U1982-1986: A board member in the Egyptian Volleyball Federation

U1988-1992: A board member of Al Ahly National Club (the CAF Club of the Century )

 1992-1996: A re-elected board member of Al Ahly National Club

 1996 to 2008: Executive Member of the Board of Egyptian Olympic Committee

1995 to 2008: President of Egyptian volleyball Federation

He has re-defined the entire structure of the Federation and established development tools and staff to lead Egypt for many years ahead.

During his Presidency, he has established scientific approaches and development analysis of National teams.

Through his leadership, Egypt’s has witnessed its Golden Years in Volleyball, and it has been recognized at one of the Best African Volleyball Teams, achievements such as – but not limited to :

All Egypt’s National Teams( Senior – Men & Women, Junior – Boys & Girls , Youth-Boys & Girls ) were Ranked as the highest ranked AFRICAN Country on the FIVB World Ranking.

Egypt’s Team recorded the best-ever result as an Africa Country as holding the 4th Place in the FIVB 2001 World Championships Boys Under19

Egypt’s Men’s Team was Gold Medalist of the 2005 Mediterranean Games- Al

He introduced the Egyptian Team to the World League, and since this leading step and he achieved one of the most prestigious victories in the “Mediterranean Games”.

And through his attention and care to the grass root, the Youth Boys Team has achieved the 4th position in the World Ranking in 2001.

Career & Role in the African Volleyball Confederation & International Volleyball Federation:

He is an ELECTED Board Member and Executive-Vice President of the International Volleyball Federation ( FIVB ) for SIX consecutive mandates ( cycles ) from 1998 till 2020.

He also Continues to serve Africa through many positions, and elected as CAVB President for FIVE consecutive mandates since 2001 till 2020.

1996 to 1998

CAVB (African Volleyball Confederation) Zone 5 president

1998 – 2000

CAVB Vice President  & FIVB Vice-president

FIVB Medical Commission Member.

 FIVB Sports Events commission Member

2001 – 2005

CAVB President

 FIVB Vice-president & Executive Member.

 FIVB Medical Commission Member.

 FIVB Development Commission Member

2005 to 2011

CAVB President.

 FIVB Vice-president & Executive Member

 FIVB Medical Commission

 Sports Events Commission Member

2011- 2015

 CAVB President

 FIVB Executive Vice-president & FIVB Treasurer

 Medical Commission President & Anti-doping Supervisor

 Development Commission Member

2015- 2020

CAVB President

 FIVB Executive Vice-president

Role as International Control Committee

World Volleyball Competition:

Throughout his positions as FIVB Vice-President, his expertise reflected in the various assignments and designations to lead at the World Volleyball Competitions, such as, but not limited to :

 2000 – Sydney Olympic Games – Control Committee

 2004 – Athens Olympic Games – FIVB Medical Delegate

 2008 – Beijing Olympic Games – Sports Organising Delegate.

 2012 – London Olympic Games – Technical Delegate of Volleyball Games

 2016 – Rio Summer Olympic Games – Technical Delegate of Volleyball Games

 2010 – Argentina, 1TWorld League Finals1T – Control Committee

 1T2010 1T- Italy,1T FIVB Men’s World Championship1T – Control Committee

 2010 – Qatar, 1TFIVB Men’s Club World Championship 1T– Control Committee

 2011 – Poland, 1TWorld League 2011 Finals1T – Control Committee President

 2011 – Qatar, 1TFIVB Men’s Club World Championship 1T– Control Committee

 2012 – Bulgaria, 1TWorld League Finals1T – Control Committee

 2012 – Qatar, 1TFIVB Men’s Club World Championship –1T Control Committee

 2013 – Japan, 1TWomen’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament1T – Control Committee

 2013 – Czech Republic, 1TWomen U20 World Championship1T-Control Committee President

 2013 – Japan, 1TWorld Grand Prix 2013 1T– Control Committee

 2013 – Japan, 1TFIVB Men’s Grand Champions Cup 1T– Control Committee

 2014 – Italy – World League Finals – President Control Committee

 2014 – Italy – 1TWomen’s World Championship 1T– Control Committee

 2015 – Brazil World League Final – President Control Committee.

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