Kampala, Uganda 25th April 2020.

Innocent Komakech has been awarded a merit of honor for his contribution to Sitting Volleyball in the World.

The Sitting Volleyball Classifier is among the 7 classifiers honored by the world body, World ParaVolley. This include Louise Ashcroft (Canada), Jenni Cole (Australia), Saro Keresteciyan (Canada), Jurate Kesiene (Lithuania), Cristina Riera (Spain) and Dora Szatmari (Hungary)

“Congratulations on being selected as a recipient of a World ParaVolley Recognition Award on this first ever International World ParaVolley day!

Many Thanks for your wonderful Sitting Volleyball contributions over the year” Read an email sent by Phil Allen on behalf of World ParaVolley Board of Directors.

Komakech who is also a FIVB International Referee and Chairman Referees Commission was awarded with a digital Certificate.

“My appreciation goes to World Paravolley for the recognition! Thanks to all colleagues at Africa Paravolley for the team spirit!” Said Innocent Komakech

The celebration of the International World ParaVolley Day commemorates the official start of the International Federation. On 24 April 1981, World ParaVolley was formally created at a meeting in Bonn, Germany on the occasion of the European Sitting Volleyball Championships.

The current World ParaVolley Board of Directors has approved that International World ParaVolley Day be celebrated annually on 24 April.

This year also marks the four decades of participation of sitting volleyball in the Paralympics and World ParaVolley will celebrate the occasion by recognizing individuals for their contribution to sitting volleyball.


•             Posthumous Awards

•             Playing

•             Coaching

•             International Partner

•             Refereeing

•             Classification

•             Technical Officials

•             Governance


World ParaVolley recognises the individuals who have achieved success in educating and training International Classifiers of delivering high quality classification services for ParaVolley athletes. Their professional skills, knowledge and experience have provided the World ParaVolley with great honour as they delivered classification evaluation at the highest possible standard.


• Became an international classifier in 2010.

• Served as international classifier in over 15 international competitions between 2012 and 2019.

• Instructor for the WPV Classification Pathway since 2013.

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