Kampala, Uganda, 3rd July 2020. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) published the new Rankings for men’s and women’s national teams, the first since it applied the new way of counting points in February.

There are no significant changes in either of the rankings which is normal given that coronavirus paused volleyball activities for nearly four months. The biggest difference compared to the previous list is the improved position of Turkey in Women’s Ranking. They are now fifth, squeezing out the reigning European and world champions Serbia to the sixth position.

The Uganda National Women’s Volleyball senior team “Lady Volleyball Cranes” have been ranked 9th in Africa in the New Ranking System released this week.

Lady Volleyball Cranes Head Coach, Tonny Lakony is impressed with the rakingings.

“Since 2014, we have been building and putting in a lot of good work, beating memorably along the way! In 2014, we were ranked 41st in Africa. Encouraging but now we need to break into the “top brass” and be able to ably compete consistently against the top dogs!” Said Tonny Lakony

The team is also ranked 91st in the World with 56 WR Score in the release. China are the World best team with 391 WR Score.

Kenya are the top most ranked team in Africa and 23rd with 141 WR Score in the World. Zimbabwe are the least ranked country in the World at 119 with 50 WR Score

In the men’s Ranking, Volleyball Cranes are a distant 18th in Africa and 117th with a 55 WR Score.

Volleyball Cranes Head Coach, Nason Bwesigye had mix reactions to the rankings.

“This ranking does not look good for the eye, I believe it couples both beach volleyball and volleyball because I would not believe that Burundi would be higher ranked than Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

But I believe there is and will be a lot of improvement. So sad we are faced with uncertain times.” Said Nason Bwesigye.

Tunisia are the top most ranked team in Africa at 17 with 168 WR Score.’

Brazil tops the World ranking with 427 WR Score. Ghana are the least ranked team in the World at 220 with 23 WR Score

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