Nemostars  3-2 Sport-S  (23-25, 25-22, 25-23, 23-25, 15-13)

Kampala | 16th November 2019. John Opolot orchestrated one of the biggest comebacks this season when he led Nemostars to a 3-2 win against Sort-S in Lugogo. Trailing the tie breaker 9-11, Opolot occasionally came to Nemostars rescue in offense to earn the Kololo based side a perfect shot at the title. The win brought the best of 3-serie tied at 1-1.

Set 1.

Sport-S served and defended, then scored through Maker Thon and then Julius Nuwahereza aced one before George Aporu sneaked on in the middle for Nemostars, 2-1.

Thon errored in attack and Aporu converted a loose ball for a 2-3 lead.  Bernard Malinga added one from the block, for Nemo to take a 2-point lead 2-4.

Dickens Otim registered his first point with a moving ball, and then a miscommunication between Libero Emma Elanyu and Steven Wandera brought the game to a even, 4-4.

Emma Muruli served in the net, but Otim paid back with another moving ball against a Bernard Malinga block, 5-5.

Muruli converted a pipe while Otim teased the Nemo reception, 6-5. Malinga pulled one back against Richard Kilama’s block, 6-6.

The battle of the middle ensured as Kilama split Malinga for a 7-6, but then Thon served out, 7-7.

Malik scored one for a 8-7 lead, then aced one to take a 2-point lead, 9-7.

After an inter play and perfect pick from Libero Isiagi, Aloka arrived with a perfect block kill against Malik, but Thon answered with  with another back court kill, 10-8.

Aporu sneaked one in 10-9, then Otim launched a C-ball outside to even the score line, 10-10.

Nemo returned to the lead when Zzungu aced Murulli, 10-11. He errored in service to give Sport-S a lifeline, 11-11.

Aloka converted one against Thon, Otim was temporarily stopped by Malinga and Smith Okumu set up Steven Wandera or another perfect counter attack, 11-13.

Pressure was on Sport-S as Thon checked the crowed, 11-14, Muruli pulled one back for a 12-15.

Bernard  Malinga also checked in with a big spike in the middle, but Thon cancelled it out in the next rally, 13-15.

Otim served in the net to give Nemo a 3-point lead, 13-16. After a good pick from Aporu, a miscommunication between Okumu and Malinga gave Sport-S the point, 14-16.

Thon Aced Emma Elanyu for a 15-16, But Zungu converted for 15-17 score line, then Thon errored in attack for Sport-S to call their first time out at 15-18.

Fahad Zzungu manhandled Malik Ddamulira twice in the same rally for a 15-19, Thon converted the next back court for a 16-19.

Malik aced Aporu in position 5, but Aloka blocked Muruli to compensate for a lost ball, 17-20. Skipper George Aporu added one for Nemo after a perfect pick from Libero Emma Elanyu.

Zzungu netted to give sport-S one back, 18-21, but Aporu arrived for a 18-22.

Muruli killed one as attempt by Elanyu on the floor was deemed late by the referee, 19-22.

Sport- S introduce Warren Muhngi whose serve troubled Nemo  as Otim Stopped Aporu 20-22, time out Nemo.

Aporu returned but was stopped by Thon for a 21-22, Nemo brought on Amou, but Thon stopped Aloka for a 22-22.

Warren Muhangi picked a quick play from Aporu only for Thon to put it in the middle of the net, 22-23.

Nemo introduced Wilfred Masaba for Aloka in the service box; Thon was getting none of it, 23-23. Bad reception from Amou gave Otim one more attack kill, 24-23 as Nemostars called their 2nd timeout.

Otim stopped Aporu from attack in the middle to earn bragging rights of set one 25-23.

Set 2

Okumu tactfully served Sport-S and Muruli launched one to the crowd, then Julius Nuwahereza netted against Aporu for a 2-0 lead, but Thon converteda back court in position 1 to pick their first point of the set, 2-1.

Aporu converted the next one while Otim returned to cancel it against Aporu, 3-2.

Otim temporarily stopped Aporu, but Wandera hit the antenna for Sport-S to level matters.

There was contest as Nemostars were punished for a position fault and score re-adjusted to Nemo 3-4 Sport-S.

Otim Blocked Steven Wandera and he was substituted immediately , Scoline 3-5. Aporu converted one for a 4-5.

Zzungu’s serve was not good enough to trouble Sport-S as Thon converted on his second attempt, Otim served in the net, 5-6.

Thon paid back with a point in position 2, Malik converted a 50-50 ball after poor reception from Opolot, Nemo introduce Amou and Malinga converted 6-8.

Aporu floored one after a minute of exchange from the back court,7-8, poor set in the middle costed Sport-S their 2nd point in a row, 8-8, but Malik returned to score, 8-9.

Richard Kilama stopped Aporu’s back court in the middle for a 8-10, but Malik lost the serve for a 9-10.

Setter Julius Nuwahereza set a running ball for Murulli who converted it with ease; Zzungu returned the favor for Nemo to make 10-11.

Tom Amou blocked Muruli in position 4 to level matters, 11-11. Setter Smith Okumu aced Malik to take lead, 12-11, then added another one for a 13-11 to force Sport-S into their first timeout.

An individual brilliance by Libero Emma Elanyu didn’t save them from the Thon attack, 13-12, and then a poor catch by Opolot gifted Otim with another point, 13-13.

Fahad Zzungu restored order for Nemo in the middles 14-13, Opoplot, and cleared one for Nemo in position 4, 15-13.

Muruli had other ideas as he beat a George Aporu block, 15-14. Thon arrived after Nemo failed twice on attack in the middle, 15-15.

Reception became Nemo’s nightmare as Thon reported on the left flank, 15-16 and Nemo called their first time out.

The time out didn’t help as Nemo failed in reception and Thon was unstoppable in counter attack, 15-17, Aporu squeezed one back against Otim, 16-17.

Otim converted the next ball against Malinga to make 16-18, Richard Kilama netted against Malinga for a 17-18.

Malinga stopped Thon in Position 2, but Opolot launched in the crowd for a 18-19.

A moving ball by Okumu was converted by Malinga to level matters. Elanyu picked a ball close to the floor and Nemo converted to take lead 20-19, But Malik restored order for Sport-S.

Malinga arrived with a kill in the middle against Richard Kilama, 21-20, but Nemo could not deal with a running ball from Muruli, 21-21.

Aporu converted a back court in pos. 1 for a 22-21, Okumu tricked Muruli into a bad reception and Nemo took charge of the set 23-21, Sport-S called their 2nd timeout.

Zungu manhandled Muruli for a 24-21; Sport-S introduced Warren Muhangi whose back set forced Nemo into net violation, 24-22.

A tricky serve didn’t stop Nemo from picking the first set as Sport-S netted from  a George Aporu Attempt, 25-22.

Set 3.

Nemo errored at the net to give Sport-S a lead, but Aporu cancelled it out in Position 2, 1-1.

A block combination of Amou and Malinga frustrated Emma Muruli to make 1-2

Nemo given a delay warning by the referee against Zzungu. A thon attack error in position 1 gave Nemo a 2-point lead, 1-3, but Zzungu served in the net, 2-3.

Aporu powered one back for the defending champions, but served out for a 3-4, Dickens Otim stopped Tom Amou to level matters 4-4.

Aporu returned to haunt Otim, but this time from the back Court, 4-5, Then Malinga added one with a giant block against Malik, 4-6.

There was an exchange between the two sides, but a back court attack by Aporu forced Malik to net, Then Thon brushed Opolot out for 5-7, but Otim served in the net.

Kilama restored parity, 6-8. Zzungu dumped one over to give Nemo a 6-9 score line. Kilama Squeezed one past Aporu, 7-9.

Nemo failed to deal with a Malik’s serve for Kilama to score, 8-9, but Aporu restored the lead with two quick points, 8-11.

Opolot aced Sport-S to force the Nsambya based side to their first timeout, 8-12. Kilama moved one in, 9-12.

Kilama aced Opolot to reduce the gap, 10-11 but Amou had better plans in attack, 10-13.

Muruli played a tactful ball to earn Sport-S 11-13, but Otim could not stop Aporu in pos 2.

Muruli then force Amou and Malinga into a net violation 12-14, before another poor reception gifted Thon with another point, 13-14. Muruli served in the net.

Dickens Otim was too strong for a Maling block, 14-15, Opolot as returned to score against Malik and restore the lead for Nemo, 14-16.

Malinga aced Malik to extend their lead, 14-17, Okumu’s double touch to give Sport-S a breather, 15-17.

Opolot arrived one more time or Nemo, 15-18. But then Thon beat a Aporu and Zzungu block to take one back for Sport-S 16-18 before Malik served in the net, 16-19.

Aporu single-handedly stopped a Thon Maker back Court attack to rest at 16-20, Sport-S introduced Warren Muhangi, but Zzungu was too much in defense, 16-20. Thon scored one for a 17-20.

Amou also arrived for a 17-21. But Thon had better plans in the backcourt, 18-21.

Malinga dumped only to get punished by Thon, 19-21.

Amou launched one in the stands from the backcourt for Okapis to call for a time out for Nemostars, 20-21. Malinga man handled Thon to restore order, 20-22.

Thon returned to haunt Malinga’s block, 21-22. But Aporu hit a sitter from the backcourt to lead 21-23.

Nemo introduced Aloka to block, but Otim was getting none of it to score for Sport-S 22-23.

Sport- S introduced Allan Tumukunde at the service box.  Bernard Malinga could not convert, 23-23.

Opolot converted a running ball to put Nemo in pole position 23-24. Then Opolot returned to convert the last ball after a small dump from Kilama, 23-25.

Set 4

Warren Muhangi returned to set for Sport- S only to start with two points down as Smith Okumu teased Sport-S reception, 2-0. He served in the net on the third attempt, 2-1.

Aporu registered his first point of the set against Otim led block, 3-1. Muruli and Otim cornered Opolot for a 3-2.

Maker Thon converted the next against Aporu to level matters, 3-3. But Opolot paid back from a running ball, 4-3.

Zungu served out, but Opolot returned to restore order 5-4.

A carry by setter Muhangi gifted Nemo with a 2-point lead, 6-4. Smith Okumu failed to deal with a running ball from Malik, 6-5.

Thon aced to level matters, and then Kilama stopped Aporu for a 6-7. Opolot and aporu  errored too to give Sport-S  a 3-point lead, 6-9. Time out Nemostars.

Malinga scored for Nemo in the middle, 7-9 and another poor reception by Muruli helped Nemo to reduce the gap, 8-9.

Tom Amou netted from a Thon attack, 8-10 but compensated against a Kilama block, 9-10.

Amou force thon to error to level matters, 10-10 but Muruli ruled the day with another running ball kill in position 4, 10-11.

Muhangi safe block handed Sport-S the lead as Thon converted from the aftermath, but Aporu also returned, 11-12.

Aporu again converted against Dicken Otim to level matters 12-12.

 Okumu lost the serve, 12-13 but after small exchanges, Zzungu converted for Nemo, 13-13.

Otim arrived with a moving ball 13-14 but Zzungu also paid back in the middle, 14-14.

A Malik lost ball was saved by Opolot’s net violation, 14-15 but Otim also put it in the net, 15-15.

Middle attacker, Richard Kilama failed to convert a moving ball from Muhangi, to hand Nemo a lead 16-15.

Malik converted the next to level matters at 16-16 before Kilama added one, 16-17.

A couple of fast plays forced Opolot and Malinga to error, 16-19 as Nemo called their first timeout.

A touched ball from a Malinga attack was contested by Sport-S, but the call stood, 17-19. Kilama crossed the centre line to cause another contention 18-19. Elanyu picked a hit from Thon only for it to land on Sport-S’ side of the net, 19-19 time out Sport-S.

Opolot served in the net to give Sport-S a breather, 19-20 as Sport-S introduced Nuwahereza back for Muhangi. Malik served out for a 20-20 score line.

Interplay between Julius and Muruli earned Sport-S the lead, 20-21, but Aporu returned with a pipe to level matters, 21-21.

Zzuungu was tricked by Muruli to hand Sport-S 21-22 lead, but after another set of exchanges, Aporu converted to level the score line, 22-22. Muhangi returned to the setting department for Sport-S.

Opolot netted in an attempt to stop Muruli 22-23, Libero Elanyu failed to deliver a catch and Thon converted 23-24.

Zzungu nailed one in the middle for a 23-24 recovery, Nemo introduce Aloka at the net. Thon converted a tricky back set from Muhangi to win 23-25 and set up the tie breaker.

Set 5

Muhangi returned with the set in mind, a long dump handed Sports S the lead, then Zzungu spiked outside for a 0-2. He returned to make amend, 1-2.

Otim converted from a quick ball, and Okumu was penalized for an over reach, 1-4. But Muruli lost the serve.

Otim nailed one on the T for a 2-5 lead. Aporu scored his first of the set against Thon, 3-5, but lost the next point, 3-5.

Opolot converted the other after a quick play from both sides, 4-6. Tom Amou brushed Kilama  to bring the set closer, 5-6.

Malik killed one against Okumu to recover the lead, 5-7. He aced Opolot for a 5-8 lead at change of Court.

Malik served out to help Nemo into a recovery 6-8, Nemoi introduced Aloka at the net, Kilama converted for a 6-9.

A miscommunication between Malik and Kilama costed Sport-S the next point from a recovery, 7-9 but Smith Okumu served out to hand Sport S another lead. Zzungu reduced the gap to 8-10.

Zungu and Amou stopped Otim in the middle 9-10. Amou went to service box, but the net defense failed to deal with Thon, 9-11 as Nemo called for their first timeout.

Elanyu delivered a tricky serve from Muruli but the attack failed as Thon nailed one on Amou to get closer to the end of the set, Nemo called their 2nd time out.

Then tables turned, Aporu converted in pos 2 for 10-12, after an interplay,  Opolot converted from a counter attack to close the gap 11-12 as Sport-S called for their first time out.

Thon pinned one in the net as Zzungu manned the service box. But Thon played  a tricky ball to force Malinga into a net violation.

Sport-S  introduce Allan Tumukunde in the service box, but it didn’t pay off as Malinga blocked a loose ball to even matters 13-13.

Okumu blocked Malik for Nemo to lead for the first time, 13-14. Sport-S called the 2nd and last timeout o the set.

Sport-S failed to deal with Aporu’s serve as Opolot stood tall to score on the recovery to hand Nemo a deserved win. 13-15.

To the Neutral fans, it was the game worth the investment, To Nemostars fans and players; they have another chance at the title. While to the Sport-S fans, it’s happening again; Sport-s has failed to close games in the finals 3-times in the last 4 finals they have played, twice against KAVC ad now against Nemostars.

Game Three is set for Mid Week, actual day and time to be communicated.

Uganda National Volleyball league Finals – Men


Game two.

Nemostars  3-2 Sport-S  (23-25, 25-22, 25-23, 23-25, 15-13)

Game one

Nemostars 2-3 Sport-S (23-25, 25-21, 26-24, 16-25, 12-15)

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