Kampala, Uganda, 20th April 2021. Orange Block buster put in a transfer request of 7 players to join their ranks when the transfer window opened in March, six have been approved by the Secretariate while one is pending clearance.

OBB recruited usefully recruited Saviour Atama, Jim Kakuru, Rajab Kimera Aryan, Hussein Juma Adome , Muothic Salva Marial and Cosmas Apunyo toping the transfer list with only the transfer of Ivan Ongom from Sport-S deferred to the next transfer window.

In the Women’s teams, Espoir Volleyball Club and KAVC all dominated the transfer market, Espior brought in KCCA VC captain Joanita Nabbuto Edhirumah, Maurine Agwang Edida, Pamela Akampisyoyo and Sheilah Kobusingye while KAVC brought in former National team Setter, Eunice Nuwabigaba, Olive Aryemo Nono, Jackline Twikirize and Mauricia Nabuma.

Approved Transfers

SN PlayerGenderReceiving Club Releasing ClubStatus
1Denis Akanyijuka MaleCOBAP SKY Aproved
2Jonathan Kigozi MaleCOBAP SKY Aproved
3Joanita Nabbuto Edhirumah FemaleESPOIR KCCA Aproved
4Maurine Agwang Edida FemaleESPOIR KCCA Aproved
5Pamela Akampisyoyo FemaleESPOIR KCV Aproved
6Sheilah Kobusingye FemaleESPOIR VISION Aproved
7Abraham Orapa Levi MaleKAVC UCU Aproved
8Deogracious Anguria Okiria MaleKAVC UCU Aproved
9Eunice Nuwabigaba FemaleKAVC NKUMBA Aproved
10Jackline Twikirize FemaleKAVC UCU Aproved
11Mauricia Nabuma FemaleKAVC UCU Aproved
12Olive Aryemo Nono FemaleKAVC KCCA Aproved
13Sharifu Masereka Masoud MaleKAVC UCU Aproved
14Naptali Odeke MaleKCCA SKY Aproved
15Onesmus Muhumuza MaleKCCA MYVC Aproved
16Andrew Adiri MaleLIRA NDEJJE Aproved
17Carlos Omua MaleLIRA KAVC Aproved
18Francis Etyang John MaleLIRA JVC Aproved
19Solomon Oluma Mark MaleLIRA KAVC Aproved
20Gracious Kushemererwe FemaleNDEJJE NKUMBA Aproved
21Shadia Wanyeze FemaleNDEJJE NKUMBA Aproved
22Bridget Nakiryowa Angella FemaleNEMOSTARS UCU Aproved
23Hamza Tugume Barnabas MaleNEMOSTARS OBB Aproved
24Jonathan Tumukunde MaleNEMOSTARS UCU Aproved
25Flavia Kanyesigye Rwita FemaleNKUMBA MUST Aproved
26 Jim Kakuru MaleOBB MUST Aproved
27Cosmas Apunyo MaleOBB WAZEEI Aproved
28Hussein Juma Adome MaleOBB NKUMBA Aproved
29Muothic Salva Marial MaleOBB NKUMBA Aproved
30Rajab Kimera Aryan MaleOBB NDEJJE Aproved
31Saviour Atama MaleOBB KAVC Aproved
32Brian Ojambo MalePOLICE VISION Aproved
33Herbert Akugizibwe MalePOLICE KCCA Aproved
34Ashiraf Jjuuko MaleSKY POLICE Aproved
35Ebenezer Masaba MaleSKY NKUMBA Aproved
36Ivan Butsatsa MaleSKY COBAP Aproved
37Tonny Kasumba Ruhorera MaleSKY KCCA Aproved
38Calvin Tumuhimbise MaleSPORT-S COBAP Aproved
39Florence Apule FemaleVISION KCCA Aproved
40Robert Nuwagaba MaleWAZEEI MYVC Aproved

Out of the 49 transfer request 40 were approved while 9 were queried.

Pending Transfers

SN PlayerGenderReceiving Club Releasing ClubStatus
1Stephen Oguti MaleKAVC KCCA Pending
2Tom Ogwal Naaman MaleKCCA MATTRIXX Pending
3Ivan Ongom Bob MaleOBB SPORT-S Pending
4Ezra Luswata Buzibwa Mponye MaleSKY NEMOSTARS Pending
5Brighton Kananura MaleSKY OBB Pending
6Augustine Odong MaleSPORT-S NDEJJE Pending
7Doreen Akiteng FemaleSPORT-S NKUMBA Pending
8Brian Atuhaire Ryan MaleSPORT-S NKUMBA Pending
9Mark Ariho MaleWAZEEI MYVC Pending

From the 49 transfers, a total sum of UGX4.9Million was generated.

Details on the pending Transfers

Doreen Akiteng from Nkumba to Sport-S

Transfer form incomplete, section of releasing club not filled, communication from receiving club indicated that the releasing club declined to sign insisting they should be availed with 2 balls.

Augustine Odong from Ndejje to Sport-S

Transfer form was incomplete because the releasing club never signed. The communication received indicated that there was some doubt concerning the parent club of the player and then the registered parent club of the player, NDEJJE, insisted on being availed with balls before their consent to release the player.

Brian Atuhaire Ryan from NKUMBA to SPORT-S

Transfer form incomplete, section of releasing club not filled, communication from receiving club indicated that the releasing club declined to sign insisting they should be availed with 2 balls.

Brighton Kananura, OBB to SKY

Transfer form incomplete, section of the releasing club not filled. Communication indicate that the player is still on contract with the releasing club and that there issues about the player’s contract that the receiving club should first agree on in order for the matter to be resolved.

Ezra Luswata Buzibwa Mponye

Transfer form incomplete. Section for the releasing club not signed. According to the email communication received, player stated that the releasing club wanted the player to present the form in person for them to sign, but was an able to present himself and still make time for deadline of submission.

Ivan Ongom from SPORT-S to OBB

According to the VIS ivan has a contract that runs from 10th Oct 2020 to 10th Oct 2021 in Rwanda.

Mark Ariho from MYVC to Wazeei

Transfer form incomplete, section of releasing club not filled, communication from receiving club indicated that their attempt get signature form releasing club were hampered miss communication amongst the releasing club management structure.

Stephen Oguti from KCCA to KAVC

Transfer form was incomplete because the releasing club neither ticked yes nor no, but indicated on the form that they are requesting for 2 balls from KAVC for the player.

Tom Ogwal Norman

Transfer form incomplete. Section for the releasing club, MATTRIXX, not signed. Communication indicates the attempts were made to contact the releasing club but the existence of the club’s management could not be established.

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