Dinah Akello

Dinah Akello

Dinah Akello

Middle Blocker
Dinah Akello


Position: Middle blocker
Weight:. 70kgs
Height:. 175cm
Nationality: Ugandan
Place of Birth: Katakwi
Date of Birth: 19/09/1993

National Team Caps: 5
League Honors: Non
Hand in Use: Right hand
Individual Award at National Team: Non
Current Club: RRA
Club Debut: 2016
Previous Club: UCU Lady Doves

How did you get started playing Volleyball?

It started way back at home where my brothers used to play volleyball and I followed them daily to the training grounds. I ball shagged whenever they played to a point that the volleyballs were kept at home. So, watching them play sparked my interest and will to learn the sport. I therefore managed to get a few basics from them. From then on, I relocated to live with my big sister in Kireka-Wakiso and I thought I wouldn’t get to play again. However, a neighbor’s son told me he liked volleyball too and he had seen guys play it at Namboole which was a walkable distance from home. The following day, he, took me there and introduced me to the guys who were playing. A week after, I met the coaches of Namboole Volleyball Club then (Mr. Nason Bwesigye and Mr. Okiror Moses aka Oxy) who saw potential in me and later introduced me to the Uganda Christian University ladies volleyball Coach Mr. Soita Protus who has been my coach till now.

Do you like playing indoor volleyball or Beach volleyball more? Why?
Well, both are fun in one way or the other. However I like the indoor volleyball more. Because, it’s style of play, rules, ball size, environment and court size maybe more favorable as compared to Beach volleyball.

Who would you say are your top influences in life and in the Sport? Why?

God, my family. Coach Soita Protus and other coaches who gave me the platform to play and learn from their clubs for example KAVC, Nemo, VVC and Namboole volleyball Club respectively and player coaches too.

The other unforgettable influence are, now my former teammates. After all, volleyball is a team game and we learned, corrected, and pushed each other to work hard because each of us hard a role to play on court.

Above all Uganda Christian University which will always be home. Because it facilitated and nurtured me into the player and person I’ve become today.

Do you have any pregame ritual(s) that you do before every game?

Yeah sure!
I usually meditate on how I’ve trained the days before the game/games, what I have achieved in that week’s training and how to execute it in the game/games.

What do you normally do when volleyball is over for the season?

I take off season as recovery time. I go to be with my family and friends and also work out lightly.

What other sports do you play? Why?
I play netball, however for fun. Because it’s the first game I was introduced to in primary school.

What are your plans for 5 years down the line?

In 5 years, I want to work hard and achieve more success in the game and to also inspire the girl child to engage in sports and probably support them where need be.

What do you think the Uganda Volleyball community needs the most?

More financial facilitation so as to help in running most of the volleyball activities.

What advice do you have for young athletes in Uganda?

First and foremost, they should believe in themselves, love their sport disciplines and carry the element of discipline in them because it’s key in every sport. One must also have the will to learn from both coaches and players because learning never ends in any sport and it’s what helps a player to improve by day.

Above all, work hard, practice more and put God first 🙏. Thanks