Larose Kevin

Larose Kevin

Larose Kevin

Utility Player







Place of Birth

Mauritius (Rodrigues)

Date of Birth



Matched Played


  • National Team Caps 23
  • League Honors 2010 Camp Hitier Faucon Flacq volleyball club (VBC) (Mauritius) 2012, 2015, 2016 Roche bon dieu VBC (Rodrigues) 2013 Quatre Bornes VBC (Mauritius)
  • Individual Awards at national team Non
  • Hand Used Right
  • Current Club: Montagne Goyave VBC (Rodrigues)
  • Club Debut: Vautour malabar VBC (Rodrigues)
  • Previous Club: Roche bon dieu VBC


How did you get started playing Volleyball?

I got to know volleyball from my mother Marie Bernadette Larose who played volleyball as well, so I got interested to play it seriously.

Do you like playing indoor volleyball or beach volleyball more? Why?

I like indoor volleyball more, because I can express myself better and take more advantage of my physical attributes.

Who would you say are your top influencers in life and in the Sport? Why?

In sport my model are Rafael Nadal and Christiano Ronaldo because they are two very hard working players and yet they are very talented.

Do you have any pregame ritual(s) that you do before every game?

No ritual before any game (only ritual I have is to train hard)

What do you normally do when volleyball is over for the season?

Take time with my family and discuss about next season strategy with my personal coach

What other sports do you play? Why?

I play only volleyball

Of all your accomplishments as a volleyball player, is there a match or tournament that stands out in your mind? Why?

The 2019 Indian Ocean island games will surely be the more memorable tournament I have ever played till now. Why is this so?! Because the game was at home and that the spectators were just awesome and of course we won the gold medal.

What are your plans for 5 years down the line?

I would like to win the Zone 7 club championship, win another Indian Ocean Island games and of course work hard to be the best player in my Country.

What do you think the Mauritian/Rodriguan Volleyball community needs the most?

Our players must have the chance to play abroad and be professional as we have the capacity to do it but got no opportunity yet.

What advice do you have for young athletes in Mauritius/Rodrigues?

I would like to say to the youngsters that, high level sport is not easy at all it’s very hard to remain at top. But once you have made that choice this will change your life because that’s what happened for me. As a man or as woman you will be a better version of yourself and of course don’t neglect school.