Rodrigues (Mauritius)

Place of Birth

Mont Lubin Health Centre, Rodrigues

Date of Birth

08 July 1995


Matched Played


  • National Team Caps 4
  • League Honors 2014 - ROCHE BON DIEU VBC , 2015 - ROCHE BON DIEU VBC , 2016 - ROCHE BON DIEU VBC, 2018 - QUATRE BORNES VBC
  • Individual Awards at national team Non
  • Hand Used Right
  • Current Club: ROCHE BON DIEU VBC
  • Club Debut: 2013 - ROCHE BON DIEU VBC
  • Previous Club: ROCHE BON DIEU VBC


How did you get started playing Volleyball?

I’m from a family who used to do sports. I have an Uncle Johnson Samuel, who inspired me to play volleyball as he is a coach. I get started at an early age ( 5-years old ) and still have that passion since I got my first time touch with a volley ball.

Do you like playing indoor volleyball or beach volleyball more? Why?

I started my career with indoor volleyball and love it but I used to have some recreational beach volley games with my mates just for fun.

Who would you say are your top influencers in life and in the Sport? Why?

My mum is and will always be my top influencer in my life. She’s always the first to keep on motivating me to give my very best in my life, and with the rest of my family they do encourage me too.

My top influencer in sports is Muhammad Ali. He said “He who is not courageous enough to take the risks will accomplish nothing in life “. From this quote I liase my life to one of the biggest risk I ever take was to quit upon my job so that I can participate in the CCCOI ZONE on Feb. 7th 2019 in Madagascar. From that risk I got a memorable SILVER MEDAL and be RUNNER UP. My biggest satisfaction was, I made my family so proud and put my little Rodrigues Island on the top of the chart for this zone.

Do you have any pregame ritual(s) that you do before every game?


What do you normally do when volleyball is over for the season?

I play football and had a little more recreation beach volley game.


What other sports do you play? Why?

Only volleyball

Of all your accomplishments as a volleyball player, is there a match or tournament that stands out in your mind? Why?

It was from the 2019 INDIAN ISLAND OCEAN GAME where we took the GOLD MEDAL. It was my 1st National Team selection and after all the preparations we had, we truly and surely showed that we deserved it. We played with our heart and our body always follow our mental. And the result has been shown on the court.

What are your plans for 5 years down the line?

Keep on working hard to keep a good level of volleyball and why not seeing myself playing in an international club (professional Volleyball). I will not forget to share my knowledge with the youth too.

What do you think the Mauritian/Rodriguan Volleyball community needs the most?

Rodrigues needs more infrastructure as we still have outdoor training which is very bad for our body.

Our last result from the IIOG show that we need the awesome help of a DTN (National Technical Director) who will teach us a modern volley and improve our techniques. Our children and youth will benefit from the knowledge of such person and we will had a good volleyball.

What advice do you have for young athletes in Mauritius/Rodrigues?

In our country we used to put Sport after education which is halfway good and in the other one not. Subjectively I’m pretty sure that we should cultivate a culture where we merge Education and Sports together so that any youth feel like neglected and can make a balance. For all the young athletes, at your age keep on level up in sports. On your way you may encounter trouble, you may want to give up but keep on saying to yourself that tomorrow will be better and keep on a positive mind. And please don’t forget all the efforts that you’ve done to be at the place you are right now. Don’t ruin all these. Wish you the very best in your career.