Saviour Atama

Saviour Atama

Saviour Atama

Middle Blocker

Full Name

Saviour Atama

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Arua town








  • National Team Caps 23
  • League Honors Uganda National Volleyball League Champion KAVC, 2014. Rwanda volleyball league champion 2018/ 2019 for Rwanda Energy Group (REG)
  • Individual Awards at national team Non
  • Hand Used Right
  • Current Club: Rwanda Energy Group (REG)
  • Club Debut: 2010 with KAVC
  • Previous Club: KAVC


How did you get started playing volleyball?

I was convinced and inspired by my friends at Kyambogo University in 2009 and taken to KAVC to be coached by Coach TITUS who taught me how to play volleyball

Did you like playing indoor volleyball or beach volleyball more? Why?

I only play indoor volleyball


Because I learnt playing volleyball at a later stage and did not learn some basics like reception and back court cover and that time I was taught only things that would help the team within a short period of time

Who would you say are your top influencers in life and in the sport? Why?

First my Kyambogo friends such as Coach Nicholas Obeke and Eric Ogwang secondly the KAVC family, coach Titus Toma, Amon Ainebyona, Mofat Masaba, Mathew Mwenyi, Mathew Amolo and many more others.

Why? Because they encouraged me, inspired me and supported me in all aspects; financially, morally and physically.

Do you have any pregame rituals that you do before every game?

Apart from praying to the almighty GOD, there no other ritual I perform

What do you normally do when volleyball is over for the season?

I handle my business deals, watch movies do swimming watch English football especially the English Premier League and Uganda Premier League such as Onduparaka’s away games because I am an (Arsenal and Onduparaka fan) sometimes watch volleyball league games of Uganda

What other sports do you play?

I do swim.


Because it is also another workout to keep you fit and helps to work out all parts of the body.

Of all your accomplishments as a professional volleyball player, is there a match or tournament that stands out in your mind?

Obviously the final play-off game that made us win the league title of 2018/19 season to be the champion of Rwanda volleyball National league

Why? Because it was the first time to win the volleyball league title of Rwanda and the first time for the club to win the title and most importantly the game was live on the Rwanda National Television. The whole nation was waiting who is going to be crowned champion.

What are your plans for 5 years down the line?

I want to play for 2 more years at professional level and come back home to concentrate on my business and continue with my academic career but within the two year I need to make sure I first play with my kid brother in the national team before I retire from the national team

What do you think the Uganda volleyball community needs the most?

The volleyball community needs to work together support each other and need to have more professional players, support finance the national team to attend more international tournaments at continental level so as to get more exposure.

What advice do you have for young athletes in Uganda?

They should first concentrate on academics then after talent follows and then have discipline in whatever they do. A good player without discipline is not a complete player and above all, TRUST IN GOD