Kampala, Uganda, November 20, 2020. In a space of 55-year, Neko Muduse Ojala as served the game of volleyball diligently. The 2019 USPA legendary award recipient has seen the ups and down of the game since the early 60’s.

The 74 year old weighed in on the future of the game prior to receiving his USPA Legendary Award on Wednesday 18th.

“I believe in development by first principles. At the moment the game is played exclusively for competition. We need to re-establish volleyball participation at primary, secondary and university levels of education by encouraging institutions to play for recreation and pleasure – just like football. That way we increase the base for competition selection and development. Ojala said

Uganda is currently struggling with Volleyball at Schools with very few involved in the game. Its even terrible in post primary where traditional volleyball schools like Majansi, Nabumali High School, Mbale, Kibuli, Stella Marris Nsuube, St Josephs girls School Nsambya, Layibi College are no longer competitive like in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

All levels of competition should have progression paths. Competitions must lead somewhere higher and definite for winners/Qualifiers. Stimulating interest in volleyball is easy but must be planned through the levels above such that clubs can reap from the reservoir thus created.” Ojala concluded.

 The USPA Legendary award honors individuals for both their lifetime achievements and their contributions towards local sports.

Ojala’s Volleyball Achievements.


1. Makerere University College – Captain (1968/1969); Chairman University Volleyball Club (1969)

2. Northcote Hall, Makerere – Captain (1968/1969)

3. Kampala Amateur Volleyball Club (KAVC) – Founder (1970); Captain (1970-1974); Head Coach (1970-2000); Patron (1989-2000)

4. National Team – Founder (1974); Captain (1974-1981); Head Coach (1980-1989)

5. Kampala City Council VC (Girls) – Founder (1983); Head Coach (1983-1996)

6. Dairy Corporation VC – Founder (1984); Coach (1984-1985)

7. Uganda Commercial Bank VC – Founder (1985) Coach 1985

8. UNICEF VC – Founder (1984)

9. Nsambya VC – Founder (1985)

10. Uganda Police VC – Founder (1971)

11. Uganda Prisons VC – Founder (1972)

12. Uganda Army VC – Founder (1974); Coach (1975-1978)

13. Makerere University – Coach (1978-1982)

14. UNLA VC – Founder and Coach (1983)

15. Kansanga VC – Co-Founder (1985)

16. Gaba Seminary VC – Co-Founder (1986)

17. Nemostars VC – Founder (2005); Head Coach (2005-2009); Patron (2005-Todate)


1. Makerere University College Tenniquoit Club – Chairman (1968)

2. Makerere University College Volleyball Club – Chairman (1969)

3. Uganda Volleyball Association (Now Federation) – Founder (1973); Secretary General (1973-1989); Co-Patron (2004-Todate)

4. Confederation of Commonwealth Volleyball Associations (COVO) –Founder Board Member (1980)

5. Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) – Executive Member (1982-1986)

6. Qualified FIVB coach (level-1 1982)

7. East and Central African Volleyball Confederation (ECAVCO) – Founder Member (1989); Vice-President (1989-1999); President (1999-2003)

Competitions Initiated:

Makerere University Open Volleyball Tournament (1969-2000)

Inter Post Primary Schools Volleyball Championships Circuit (1969-1975)

The Pepsi-Cola Volleyball Tourney (1972-1975)

KAVC-MEM (1995-2000)

District Championships in Masaka, Luwero and Mpigi (1990-1998)

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