Cairo, Egypt, July 16, 2020- In the Era of social Media dominance throughout the world, CAVB have the honour to invite the Volleyball Family to attend a webinar discussing its role now and how we can use the social platforms in the best way to help the spread of volleyball news and attract more fans to the sport.

 The webinar will start on Sunday July 19, 2020 at 20:00 Cairo time “18:00 GMT” in presence of CAVB Press Director and the most prominent Press director in the NFs across Africa.

 Questions are welcomed from all volleyball Media in Africa and all personal experiences with social platforms are warmly welcomed as it may add to ou efforts to use it in the best way to help African volleyball.

 Registrations are welcomed through the corresponding National federations through the following link:

The CAVB reserves the right to invite any experts and technical officials from its continuous learning programme and technical officials database including unutilised.

 Media and fans can also follow the webinar through the Facebook page

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