Chenoa, Korea, 3rd July 2020. It’s been over 3 months that Sport went into hibernation. For a professional Athlete this is a very trying time for them. For Daudi Okello, he seem to have developed ways of surviving the inactivity.

For starters, he extended his contract with Korean side Sky Walkers that will keep him till the end of next season. The new season starts mid-August and Okello can’t wait to start.

We caught up with the Ugandan international on how he is surviving the lock-down.

How do you spend your time in South Korea during this lock-down period?

I walk my dog around, go for fitness trainings, talk to my fiancé, friends and talk to family on phone. I also drive around the city, go for outside meals and more.

Why didn’t go home?

The Ugandan airport has been closed since 20th March. Those were two days after cancellation of our season in South Korea.

The main reason I was set to come home was to wed my fiancée, but that could not happened due to the stringent guidelines and health restrictions.

Do you miss home?

Have been adjusting to life here; it’s almost a year since I left home because I left for South Korea direct from Turkey. I miss them, but being alive is the most important.

How have you adjusted to the Korean Lifestyle?

I have been trying hard to remain safe during the pandemic, been chatting with friends plus watching movies on Netflix.

Staying in one place for all this long, how have you handled it?

I went to Jeju Island towards the end of my holiday in June for about 7 days to refresh myself for next season.

Are you in touch with your teammates?

We are in touch and chat/talk regularly. Consistently I also get encouragement from coaches for motivation through the pandemic in foreign land.

What plans for the new season?

Take every opportunity that comes by, train, play and rest but I am expecting a better season with Sky Walkers next season. Last season I joined them in the middle of action.

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