Nairobi, Kenya, 7th July 2020. In our surviving the lock-down series, we speak to Kenya based Ugandan International Sharon Amito.

The towering Centre player who plies her trade with KCB Volleyball Club had hardly settled in Nairobi when the pandemic broke out.

She has been holed up in Nairobi for the last 3-months without any volleyball action. The Kenya Volleyball Federation cancelled the 2020 Volleyball season.

How do you spend your time in Kenya during this lock-down period?

Due to the lock-down, I have limited activities as it is a global problem. I normally do a 1-2 hour home exercise to keep fit.

Why didn’t go home?

By the time everyone became conscious of the seriousness of this pandemic borders and airports were already locked so I could not go home.

Do you miss home?

Yes I really do. I miss my mom and Anne my big sister from another mother most especially and would have loved to be with them during this period of global crisis.

How have you adjusted to the Kenyan Lifestyle?

Adjusting to the Kenyan lifestyle has not been a problem especially as I met the same habits and routine as my home country. My teammates and administrators really made me feel at home.

I am in a lovely family.

Staying in one place for all this long, how have you handled it?

I think no one has a choice other than respecting the measures taken and implemented by the Kenyan government.

Are you in touch with your teammates?

I am constantly in touch with all team members and administrators as we have a forum dedicated to that.

It is very important especially during such critical times to keep in touch with each and every one, It represents a mutual support and assistance for us all.

What plans for the new season?

The plans for the new seasons remains the same, we did not accomplish plans for last season which due to the Pandemic.

We have a personal training routine which strictly supervised by our coaches, they require us to send videos of our personal home training sessions three days a week.

This is to make sure we remain fit and focus on our objectives of winning the league and having a good ranking at the African club championship.

My personal objective remains the same, getting acquainted with the Kenyan volleyball style of play but also synchronizing with my teammates as it is an important factor for a team like KCB Volleyball team.

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