Nairobi, Kenya, 25th May 2021. There was no room for Veterans Violet Makuto and Elizabeth Wanyama as head coach Paul Bitok named the 12-man Malkia Strikers’ squad for Olympic 2020

The announcement was made in a circular signed by Paul Bitok to all the Volleyball stakeholders.

“Today we are unveiling the Kenya’s Malkia strikers’ 12 member squad – that will represent the Country and Continent in the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

It has been tough job for the technical team (coaches) on making decisions but with the help of Brazilian coaches using daily data of training and statistics help have merit prevails

I know it’s painful to the two players because they are regular players in the team of 14 members but unfortunate Olympics doesn’t   use 14 players like other FIVB competition. 

I congratulate the players who make the final 12 and we are wishing all the best in the next phase of training in Kurume city and finally competition in TOKYO. Giving warning to continue doing your best to maintain your position because the two players will continue training until 5th July one day before leaving for Kurume training camp in Japan and in un event they do better than the named player’s; technical will change the players as the deadline of the FIVB is 5th July 2020 to present the 12 players.”

Below is the list of the named player’s.

Left attackers

1. Mercy Moim

2. Noel Murambi

3. Pamela Jepkirui

4. Leanida Kasaya

Middle blockers

1. Edith Mukuvilani

2. Lorine Chebet

3. Gladys Ekaru


1. Sharon Chepchumba

2 Emmaculate Chemtai.


1. Jane Wacu

2. Joy Lusenaka


1. Agripna Kundu

Dropped Players

1. Violet Makuto

2. Elizabeth Wanyama.

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