Nairobi, Kenya, 21st June 2021

As we enter the 3rd phase of our training, the technical team has named 14 players two weeks before our trip to kurume city in Japan for the final phase where the team will train for another two weeks before proceeding to Tokyo Olympics village for the competition.
I would like to congratulate the players who made it to the 14 member team for their dedication and hard work. I also take this opportunity to thank the two talented young players who were dropped in the subsequent phases these are Pamela Adhiambo and Emmaculate Nekesa. The effort and commitment you put in showed that you have a great potential and a promising future in your volleyball career. At the age of 18 and 20 if you maintain these standards you will be among the best in the near future and i wish you all the best.
For the remaining players be relentless in fighting for your position in the team and focus on improving the standards of Malkia strikers. Status report from all coaches indicates that you all have equal chances in the current team and 12 player’s will be selected from the 14 members . At any point never relax simply because you have made it to the 14 member team,be always alert and mindful and continue training harder since we still have a great task ahead of us.
I also thank my fellow coaches led by Luizomar from Brazil for their great training sessions and the new skills they have impacted to our team. Their use of statistics and and daily monitoring by use of the new system of measuring work load of each individual has greatly improved performance and individual player assessment.
I do wish the team all the best in the next phase.

Below is a list of the 14 named players for the next phase.

  1. Noel Murambi
  2. Mercy Moim
  3. Leonida Kasaya
  4. Sharon chepchumba
  5. Emmaculate Chemutai
  6. Violet Makuto
  7. Joy Lusenaka
  8. Jane Wacu
  9. Agripina Kundu
  10. Elizabeth Wanyama
  11. Edith Wisa
  12. Gladies Ekaru
  13. Lorine Chebet


  1. Emmaculate Nekesa
  2. Pamela Adhiambo

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