Kampala, Uganda 23rd January 2021. Eddie Okila, a 3rd time contestant for Uganda Volleyball Federation Presidency has cautioned against electoral malpractices else some people will rot in jail.

Okila while appearing of Capital FM was reacting to the legality of some affiliates on the official affiliates’ list released by Uganda Volleyball Federation President Hadija Namanda.

“It’s been the practice that the list is always fabricated to win elections, we know bonafide affiliates and we will stick to that” Said Okila.

Okila is contesting against incumbent Hadija Namanda and former President Sadik Nasiwu.

“For the last 13 years of the federation, we have not been doing well in terms of leaderships” said Okila

Okila was last in Volleyball Administration as Technical Director in 2008 when he resigned.

“The last time UVF had a fully functioning Technical Director was 13 years ago when I was in-charge.” Okila Chest thumped.

Technical Directors to have come after Eddie Okila are Godwin Senyondo, Tonny Lakony, and Johnson Kawenyera.

“I want volleyball to change, I have done that at Wakiso District Volleyball Association through the annual Kabaka’s Birthday Volleyball Festival.” Okila said

Okila also took a swipe at the past Volleyball leadership of Sadik Nasiwu and current administration led by Hadija Namanda.

“The problem in volleyball is about leadership, when we have people who only try to push their personal agenda, the entity is doomed.” Added Okila.

In 2016, the Volleyball league didn’t end due to disagreements between Clubs and the Federation over KAVC’s fielding of out of loan Daudi Okello in a National Club Championship, Okello had competed his loan season at INATEK. A move that Ugandan clubs disapproved and abandoned the Club Championship in Nkumba.

“Once money came into volleyball it was marred with a lot of corruption cases, clubs asked question and the leadership was not coming clear on the money and the quality of the jerseys didn’t help.” Okila said in reference to Sadik’s Administration and the NSSF Sponsorship.

In 2019 Nemostars won the league without playing the decider, this was after Sport-S refused to honor the tie due to allegations of biasness by the referees.

Namanda went ahead to ban the referee in question for 365 days.

“Namanda inherited problems in the federation, no funds and bickering clubs”. Okila added.

In the past, Okila has also faulted Sadik Nasiwu’s administration for frustrating his efforts to host Kampala Open by asking for a kickback before recommending him to government of Uganda. Okila has also claimed many times that he has crucial information that can send Sadik Nasiwu behind bars.

“In 2013 I attempted to bring International beach volleyball to Uganda dubbed “Kampala Open”; bigger than CHOGM then, we failed that because my people didn’t understand what I was talking about, and that is when I realized that I was 10 years ahead of volleyball with my ideas.” Okila Said

In 2017 when Okila lost his second election to Hadija Namanda, he whispered to the Observer Newspaper that there was a group of people ready to challenge the results of Volleyball elections in court.

What next for you?

“My focus for now will be to try and grow the game at grass root level. Volleyball at schools is dead and needs to be given serious attention. I know there is a group of people taking the federation to court but I’m not part of them.” Okila said on January 25, 2017

Okila wants to achieve 4 things in the next 4 years if elected to office.

1. Transformational Leadership of UVF.

2. Complete rebranding of Uganda Volleyball Federation – UVF.

3. Developing products that are marketable for – UVF.

4. Helping Premier Clubs with rebranding and product developments as well as schools.

 Uganda volleyball heads to an elective general assembly on 31st January 2021 at the UOC offices in Lugogo.

Namanda is yet to name the accreditation committee who will handle the electoral process.

Here in are the list of contestants.

1. Hadija Namanda
2. Eddie Douglas Okila
3. Sadik Zaid Nasiwu
1st Vice President
1. Anthony Ashaba
2. Abdallah Kiggundu
3. Stephen Ardone Waiswa

2nd Vice President.
1. Salma Kairungi Otika
2. Hellen Nakimuli
3. Faridah Nalinya
General Secretary
1.Hassan Lubinga Sekajolo
2. Godwin Nakaana Ssenyondo
Assistant General Secretary
1. Eunice Nuwabigaba

2. Margarete Kiiza

1. Adam Mugisha
2. Philbert Mutabazi
3. Joseph Odong
District Representatives
1. Vincent Ingurat (East\North)
2. Innocent Komakech (East\North)
3. John Bosco Omugen (East\North)

4. Elisha Kamuhimbise (West\South)
5. Joshua Osiya (Central)
Premier Club Representatives
1. Levian Ashaba
2. Keneth Masaba
3. Cissy Musiime
4. Keneth Wakibi

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  • Kamunvi charles 27 / 01 / 2021 Reply

    You will ROT in jail!!!
    That’s a very big statement from you brother. We come to sports to relax and enjoy , not to fight wars and create stunts. Kindly l request you limit your words and speak what you can substantiate after elections. Good luck

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